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1/3 Octave
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Improved Sound Quality:


PAS is always interested in hearing from customers to make sure that our software is continually evolving to meet the needs of our clients and customers alike.

All PAS-Products are designed to support the requirements of today's Studio Engineers, Audio Engineers & Scientific Engineers.
Recommended to Meet the Strict Professional Demands of Sound Analysis in Studios, Industry, Medical & Scientific Research

1/3 Octave

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1/3 Octave


has designed program modifications for industry, companies, and acclaimed scientific institutions..


We are a team of experienced

programmers and electronics engineers, who are not always so much concerned with the 'Studio Audio' word, as we are with the measurement techniques necessary to perfect the engineering process.


PAS is always interested

in hearing from customers to make sure that our software is continually evolving to meet the needs of our clients and customers alike.

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1/3 Octave
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1 june 2018
Analyzer Pro-lab
Graphic Equalizer
15 june 2018
1/3 Octave Spectrum Analyzer
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10 june 2018
Multi Level Meter Bridge
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Welcome To PAS Products
Improved Sound Quality:
  •  the the mono compatibility of a stereo and a Surround signal) you also can make easily Phase Check with this tool...
  • Multi Mode Support. Switch between 4 Stereo Devices easily with the Keys (Ctrl & F1 - Ctrl & F4). So you can analyze the input for Alesis ADAT, 8 Track Recording and any Multi Channel recordings...
  • Decay settings (Display speed) for the Spectrum in the Octave Mode, the FFT Mode and one for the VU-Meters
  • Big Window (to have a full screen of the spectrum) see screen shot...
  • Displaying in 1/3 Octave and FFT (31,2048 Bands)
  • Use it like a DirectX Plugin with Wave Clone
  • EQ suggestion -for realtime and wave-mpeg modus
  • Convert Wave files to Mp3 files settings from 32 up to 320 bit/sec
  • Tap Delay calculator- display for full, half and quarter Beats
  • improvement to calibrate the generator output
  • Wave recording for the line in and the mic input
  • Mp3 player to analyze Mp3 files (Mp2, atx)
  • Two Peak Level Labels that give you control of the highest amplitude
  • Generator leveling calibrated to 1/100 of a dB.
  • RMS Level Meter and Peak Level for the Input and Output
  • integrated Compressor, Limiter und Enhancer
  • 1/3 Octave displaying for the frequency bands
  • Automatic Calculation of Band Frequencies with Octave selector
  • DSP Normalization of Wave files
  • Programmable Frequency selection with independent Band Calculator
  • Programmable Q-Factor for fine-tuning separate configurations
  • Configurations saved in 2 convenient locations for reloading all project data
  • Automated Equalization of Live Audio in Real time for evaluation via external support
  • Automated Real time Equalization of all Digital Audio infinitely with no loss of quality
  • MP3 Player / Refresher
  • Q-Factor for fine-tuning separate configurations
  • Sync to loop feature for specific evaluation of Digital Audio files
  • Programmable Frequency selection with independent Band Calculator Programmable

PAS Multi Meter Bridge can be configured in a number of different ways, to accurately model the
ballistics, responses and graphics of a wide range of standard peak programme meters. These
meters currently include the following:
IEC 268-10 Type I (Nordic N9 meter)
IEC268-10 Type IIb (EBU PPM meter)
IEC 268-10 Type IIa (BBC PPM meter)
DIN 45406
New: Digital PPM and dB Fullscale, Referenz level America = -24 dBFS, England / Europe = -18 dBFS and Australia = -20 dBF

You can monitor 8 input channels, 16 input channels or 24 input channels in realtime. Choose between 5ms, 10ms, 15ms, 20ms and 300ms integration time. When you have more than 24 Input devices, you can open more instance from the program so that it is possible to view (monitor) more than 48 or 96 channels in realtime! In the comparison with a hardware 24 Channel Meter Bridge is the price of only 69$ simply unbeatable.


The features of the software include a 2048 FFT Spectrum Analyzer, a WAV recorder / player with built in looping, a sine wave and white noise generator, a simple oscilloscope, and a DTMF decoder for decoding recorded DTMF tones from WAV files with a 45 character display window. DTMF decoding in real time from WAV files or high speed DTMF decoding from the file (faster than real time). The software uses the built in microphone / line / aux / CD inputs from your internal or external sound card. The analyzer provides the capability to store and recall audio spectrums, print spectrums, applying gain to the signal, and load saved spectrums behind active inputs.

Other features include peak frequency display, spectrum hold and freeze, cursor identification of measured frequency and decibel level, splitting WAV files, normalizing files (automatically adjusting to maximum record levels), converting files to a standard 44.1 sample rate, converting MP3 files to WAV files, level indicators beside the analyzer and in the WAV player, adjusting color schemes, saving your favorite settings as the default setting, and loading other saved setting of choice.

The software features a standard WAV player with built in loop function, display of file name, sample rate, bit resolution, elapsed time, remaining time, level indicator, play, record, pause, and a high speed WAV file scan for DTMF tone decoding.

The Analyzer section gives the user control of spectrum update / decay rate, frequency bandwidth, gain, freezing a spectrum, automatically reading the peak frequency, holding the peaks, and spectrum grid.

The DTMF decoder section has an adjustable frequency matrix providing the user with a means to decode off frequency audio files due to incorrect record or playback speeds from analog recorders.The Generator function provides the user with some simple test features for setting record levels, evaluating equipment, and viewing audio in the time domain.