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:: The MIDI Program Changer


The Midi Program Change Manager is a nice tool for sound engineers, if you have to
control more than 2 sound units. Send 16 MIDI program changes very easily at the same time.
There are several uses for this program that come to mind.
You can
use it in studios for your different projects, use it for live gigs
with a side rack, or in a theater for immediate setup changes.

:: Welcome to MIDI Remote control

Best of all, the program has a Remote Control interface that allows
you to drive the MIDI Program Change Manager from other units.
If you are performing a MIDI program change from a mixing board,
you can change all your settings that you have previously programmed.

:: Additional features include

  • MIDI Input Monitor for the incoming MIDI Messages (Message, Data1, Data2)
  • MIDI Mixer with 10 Controllers, for your own programming
  • MIDI Output Monitor to control the data you send to the units if you work with the MIDI Mixer
  • MIDI Program changes 1 -127 on 16 different channels at the same time
  • MIDI Mixer with 10 Controlers for your own programming needs
  • MIDI Remote Control with any driver you have in your computer for all 16 MIDI input channels
  • 5 free programmable Controller Data parameters to send  per Song in addition to the Midi unit
  • Volume,Bank, and Pan are programmable !


This is the Main Window and operation field for all your settings.

You have 10 free programmable MIDI controlers.It is very easy to

find out what a MIDI Unit send because you have a MIDI Input Monitor.


You can send MIDI Controller Messages to find out what parameters the MIDI unit has.

Controller Data, is free programmable for you own needs.You have for every song one MIDI channel to send it Additional to a unit

14 different skins!

When this dialog comes up you can choose between 14 different skins.